Fiscal Law

Our solid expertise in national tax matters covers operations on revenues, costs, sales, VAT, as well as local taxes which relate to private companies, of all sizes, including affiliated companies and those with foreign capital, as well as resident or non-resident natural persons. Our practice includes commercial counselling as well as representation, before fiscal administrative bodies and before courts, within fiscal litigation.

We take pride in a practical experience in a wide range of fields relevant to our clients, including: tax obligations compliance, dispute resolution, tax issues related to property, excise, sales and assessment of commercial expenses deductibility, fiscal counselling in structuring acquisitions or divestitures, fiscal planning in the creation of business organizations; tax issues concerning both the employers and natural persons, as well as other tax issues related to property, including assessments and exemptions.

The services provided by our law office address issues that may cause problems to our clients, in connection with:corporate tax, income tax, withholding tax on dividends owed by persons resident or non-resident in Romania, duties and local taxes, transfer pricing documentation, deductibility and VAT refund, taxes and social contributions paid by employers for the employees who are in the country or relocated abroad.

In this regard, our law office provides legal assistance and representation in tax litigation (appeals against debt securities and other administrative and fiscal documents, civil court claims in fiscal matters, etc.), which includes: legal assistance during unexpected or general background controls conducted by tax authorities requesting the reimbursement of VAT; legal assistance upon authorities controls, drawing up legal opinions and objections to the control minutes; drawing up appeals against tax audit reports and tax decisions on fines, outstanding debts, increases, late payment penalties, recalculations, excise duties, VAT, with or without withholding taxes etc.; legal assistance and representation during enforcement of tax claims.

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