Family Law

When working with our law office you will benefit from a lawyer with experience in family law, known both for its favourable solutions, professionalism as well as compassion for its client. Our law firm has been helping clients to find solutions to difficult legal problems for over 10 years. Focusing on family law issues as well, we are able to address a series of legal aspects, among which:

Divorce: We provide legal counselling regarding the legal grounds leading to the termination of marriage and we collaborate with our client in order to get a divorce while causing the least possible negative consequences.

Relations with minor children: We help you protect your parental rights upon physical custody and establishing the visitation schedule, as well as the right to take legal decisions regarding your child.

The rights of minor children: Our law office provides counselling on the rights and responsibilities of minor children in accordance with the Civil Code and other laws in force.

Patrimonial rights: We assist our clients in choosing matrimonial regime applicable upon the termination of marriage, relating to equitable distribution of marital assets, business assets, real estate, retirement accounts, as well as all the common debts of the spouses. We are at the same time our clients’ representatives in cases of shared assets partition and joint possession termination.

Paternity: We provide counselling and representation before courts, within the actions determining or denying paternity of the child born from the marriage or out of marriage.

Changes: After the final decision of the divorce, whenever there is a change regarding the means of the person providing support and the need of the recipient, we represent the parties before the tutorship court regarding the alimony.

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