Labour Law

In current economy, in constant motion and based on information, at the global level, companies and individuals are seeking for specialty guidance on law applicable to labour law and human resources. Romanian legislation is permanently harmonized with the European Union legislation.

The activity of our law office consists in counselling and legal representation provided both to resident companies as well as to the employees thereof, and for the negotiation of labour disputes.

Our law office is able to provide counselling in labour law issues faced by the companies resident in Romania with regard to the employees operating within the country territory, but also in case of relocation of employees in other countries within the European Union space.

For our clients, legal persons, we have developed:

– employment contracts templates

– job descriptions

– internal regulations

– regulations on the organization and functioning

– addenda on delegation and relocation, in Romania or abroad

– decisions on the termination of the individual employment agreement

Furthermore, we have provided assistance and legal representation in labour litigation before the Territorial Labour Inspectorate and before the courts.

Our services provided to employees are:

– counselling and assistance on the conclusion, execution and termination of employment agreements

– assistance upon negotiating the individual employment agreement

– appeal against dismissal decision

– appeal against disciplinary infringements and assistance during preliminary disciplinary investigation

– assistance and representation in labour litigation with regard to non-compliance with the rights of: payroll, leave, equal opportunities and treatment, health and safety at work, access to professional training, protection in case of dismissal etc.

– litigation in labour relations; obligation of the employer to reimburse the amounts of money withheld from the salary, compensation for the damage suffered by the employee, reintegration of the employee to the previously held position.

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