Commercial Law

The law office Plăiașu has built a reputation for excellence in legal services, and our experience has allowed us to assist clients from almost each branch of industry and to represent almost every form of legal structure.

Our office is organized to meet our clients’ needs in the most efficient way possible. Even though quite often we are called to develop creative solutions to unique challenges, we have understood that many of our clients’ transactions and their legal needs fall into recurrent categories. Bearing this in mind, our specialists in business law provide counselling and assistance in essential matters, including: Commercial contracts; Securities; Individual undertakings; Registered Sole Traders; International Business; Services for Investors; Mergers and Acquisitions; Private equity financing or venture capital.

Our specialists are able to provide advice and integrated legal services regarding almost any problems that could affect or result from a decision or from a business initiative. The close relationships between our team and other specialists in business issues make possible to avoid redundancies, inefficiency and conflicts between professionals.

Commercial contracts: Our team is experienced in all aspects relating to contracting issues. We work with companies in order to structure, negotiate and conclude commercial agreements, as well as any other documents necessary to achieve its business objectives in the short and long term. Our expertise includes procurement, e-commerce, the United Nations Convention on Contracts for International Sale of Goods and other legal issues with marketing impact at the international level. Our clients come to us for dispute settlement as well, in case contractual partners are unable or refuse to comply with their undertaken obligations.

International Business: Our team assists Romanian or foreign clients in commercial operations which they carry out both in Romania and the European Union. Our experience in international business field allows us to provide a wide range of international services that include the creation, merger, acquisition and sale of a variety of Romanian legal entities conducting activities in various industrial areas. We are also the advisers of our foreign clients with regard to tax regulations in Romania and the mandatory European Union law regulations.

Services for investors: We provide counselling in key areas of investments management: counselling on investments, due diligence, assistance within negotiation and acquisitions, elaboration of firm sale strategies. We regularly assist our clients in accordance with legal regulations in force, both in amiable relations as well as in litigation or legal controversies.

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