Civil Law

Our law office provides counselling to natural persons regarding legal issues on civil rights.

The laws on civil rights cover different kinds of rights and liberties recognized and guaranteed to every citizen. In this sense, citizens have the right to freedom of association, the right to practice a religion of their choice, the right to life, to freedom and private life, to vote, the access right to public education, to courts, to public facilities and justice; they have the right to equal and fair treatment of law enforcement. The various civil rights include not only the liberties, but also the right not to be discriminated against the availability and exercise of these liberties.

Our collaborators provide advice, assistance and representation in the matters of forced execution and suspension thereof, conclusion of civil contracts, real estate claims, encumbrances, adverse possession, delimitation of property boundaries, evacuation, cancellation of legal documents, requests for stating the opening of the succession and inheritance quality, applications for joint possession termination, partitions, sale of inheritance shares, applications for debt recovery against debtors, termination and resolutions, tort liability actions and contractual liability actions, civil court claims.

Our activity is carried out by:

– counselling and legal applications

– assistance and legal representation before courts, jurisdictional authorities, notaries public and judicial executors, before public administration and institutions authorities and other legal entities under the law

– drawing up legal documents, certifying parties’ identity, of the content and date of documents submitted for authentication

– assistance and representation of natural or legal persons concerned before other public authorities with the possibility of certifying the parties’ identity , the content and date of documents concluded

– defence and representation by specific legal means of the rights and interests of natural and legal persons in their relations with public authorities, with institutions and any Romanian or foreign person

– fiduciary activities carried out in accordance with the Civil Code.

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